How it Works

We at Littlebricks realise that it is important to offer the full LEGO experience, as well as offering a finished item. LEGO after all, it is about the fun of building your items as well as playing with your mini-figures. For this reason, we offer a few options to purchase your LEGO mini-figures:

Fully built and delivered – We will send you the finished model. This does come with a 4-5 week lead time.

Individual Instructions and Parts List – This is the full experience with the added bonus of significant cost savings. We send you how to build your mini figure, and the parts list so you know what, and how many bricks to order. By us not providing the bricks, you’ll save money as well, even after you have bought the bricks yourself. We also offer suggestions of where to buy bricks, other than at LEGO.

Subscription for Instructions and Parts List – A very fun option. Every 2 weeks receive instructions and parts list for a random character. We really do think this a cool option so please check out the Subscription page for more info.